Some things I’ve built

And I post a few projects in varying stages of completion on github.

Languages and tools I know

I regularly use JavaScript (and Angular, Node, gulp, etc), Ruby, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS/SASS, Git, OS X and Linux, Craft CMS, InDesign and Photoshop and their free counterparts, etc.

I have a decent familiarity with Go, Perl (my first language), PostgreSQL and SQLite, FreeBSD, and WordPress.

I have some familiarity with Swift and iOS development. I can read and revise some Java.

I would love to write more Racket.

The first two programs I install on a new machine are emacs and fish.

Some books I’ve read

I’m self-taught as a programmer, which means I read a lot of books. Some of my favorites are:

Places I’ve worked

Places I’ve gone to school

Get in touch

Whichever way you prefer: email, twitter, instagram, github.