One lingering pain point in my environment—i3, st, emacs, etc—was mounting and unmounting USB drives. Mostly I prefer the command line for its speed and simplicity and convenience but, when I needed to use a USB drive, I kept opening Nautilus for the easy way it handles that: when the drive is inserted, the drive’s name appears in the sidebar and clicking it will mount the drive’s filesystem in a mnemonic location, like /media/USERNAME/DRIVENAME. Subsequently, an eject button will appear beside the drive’s name, and clicking it will unmount the drive.

easymount in i3

Easymount is an attempt to replicate that convenience outside of desktop environments, like with tiling window managers. Essentially, it wraps udisksctl in dmenu and notify-send. You can then map the script execution to some nice keyboard shortcuts and un/mount drives as fast as you can type.

easymount error in i3

It alerts you to errors when unmounting, too.

So, if you’re into this kind of thing, maybe check it out.