Grammar And Calendars

It's a trap.
9 Oct 2023

A Few Thoughts On A.I.

17 Mar 2023

Using Emacs as a MySQL Client

Is the best.
21 Oct 2022

Does The World Really Need Another Todo List Tool?

It definitely won't after this one.
28 Jul 2022

Long After

Being an interactive poetry movie-book in 16 languages in a physics engine.
30 Apr 2022

Fuzzy Jumping

Words are way better than dots.
10 Apr 2022

It's About Time

Hello again, world.
13 Mar 2022

For The Love Of Bluetoothctl

A command of dubious utility you should never type to run.
21 Dec 2020

Moving Music

God bless Bandcamp.
21 Jun 2020

Make Yourself Easy To Hire

A how-to in five easy steps
7 Dec 2019

Tagging Files

Because directories, filenames, and xattrs can only do so much.
17 Nov 2019


Some GUI convenience for the CLI.
28 May 2019

Red-Black Backups

Highly convenient home data redundancy.
29 Apr 2019

A Complete Program

Or: how to expand one compound command into a 200-line script.
2 Feb 2019

Using Web Technologies To Print A Book

From Markdown to PDF via HTML and CSS.
8 Jan 2019

Star Plumber

Or: How to explode one iOS app into four parts for Linux.
27 Dec 2018

Specs CMS

A special CMS for special people.
15 Dec 2018

So long, Macbook. Hello again, Linux.

Did you do something with your hair? It looks nice.
15 Dec 2018

Something Like Whale Shark Skin

Or plant cells.
15 Jul 2018

Something Like The Plumber

Long live pipes.
18 Jun 2018

The Zeroth Person

A less personable person makes truer fiction.
31 Mar 2018

American Values Today

Of course we've failed to achieve our ideals. Of course we'll continue trying to.
27 Jan 2018

On Rents and Weird

Weird can be grown, or at least encouraged.
28 Jul 2017

A Couple Art Projects

Revised and expanded edition!
26 Jul 2017

The Cat Scan

A ruby (script) makes a great gift.
12 Jul 2017

One Way to Think About Determinism

I'm a softie, myself.
27 Apr 2017

Some shower thoughts on "the media"

And what it means to be "American".
28 Jan 2017

Screen Snow

Because we're snowed in.
11 Jan 2017

A Few Recent Sites

Side projects, etc.
2 Oct 2016

Does The World Really Need Another Programming Language?

Or anything at all, really?
21 May 2016

One Way to Think About git

The Grand Unified diff and patch Program.
8 Apr 2016

Javascript Libraries

And how libraries can become a framework.
27 Feb 2016

The Basics of a Basic Income

How a society might work when its members don't need to.
16 Feb 2016

An open letter about classical music to people who know far more about classical music than I might ever know

From someone way out of his league.
26 Oct 2015

Last Action Hero

Why write six lines of fish when you could write 66 lines of Lisp?
13 Sep 2015

Syntax and First-Class Functions

A short survey.
17 Aug 2015

Random Backgrounds

Because plain backgrounds are plain.
9 May 2015

On Indices

An orderly look at ordering information.
13 Feb 2015

Dungeons & Debauchery

Like peas in a pod.
15 Oct 2014

The Big Busk

Not the big bust.
31 Jul 2014


For simple sites.
31 Jul 2014


Not just a business plan.
1 Jul 2014


Simple Text Archiving and Retrieving.
28 Jun 2014

42 Love Haiku

Poetry in a box.
6 Apr 2014

Art. Literature. Learning experience.
13 Mar 2014

The King James in Fire & Flames

And also in HTML and CSS.
13 Mar 2014


One of Portland's smallest galleries.
13 Mar 2014

Seedy Stories

Get the seed. Do the deed.
12 Mar 2014

Tumblr Themes

I'll tumblr for you.
12 Mar 2014

Pope Urban VII

This is my static site generator. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
10 Mar 2014


Or, magazine mashups.
26 Feb 2014

Intro to HTML

Calm down, it's only hypertext.
25 Jan 2014