Star Plumber

A few years ago I wrote a version of star for iOS. Its interface offered two major benefits over the command line version:

  1. You could see a list of all the entries, and this list was both browsable (sorted by date) and filterable (sorted by match rate).
  2. Entries were actionable (e.g., you could long-tap an entry containing an email address, then select the Email action, and pipe that address to the Mail program).

Just last week I realized that I could use dmenu and my plumber scripts to achieve that same effect in Linux. So I revised both star and the scripts so I could get this flow:

  1. Press some i3 key chord to call a script that calls star and pipes its output to dmenu.
  2. Browse and filter the records, select one, and filter out the value from the line returned.
  3. Call the plumber’s list-scripts script.
  4. Select one and pipe the value to the script.
star plumber screenshot