A Few Recent Sites

My wedding site

On the afternoon of May 14 2016 I married the best woman I’ve ever met. The day blurred by in a crazy race from breakfast with my parents to last-minute shirt emergencies to crying everywhere to a hundred hugs to unprecedented happiness. And when it was done the two expenses I was least convinced on proved to be the best: the wedding planner and the photographer.

My lady organized most of the event but she tasked me with the website. We used Honeyfund for the presents. For the invitation/guest information I looked into The Knot but it ended up being easier to make what I wanted myself than to navigate their UI.

Wedding photos

And four months later we put together a collection of our wedding photos.

Brooks Cashbaugh dot com

I met Brooks Cashbaugh back when I was running Gigantic. I’m a big fan of his work and it was fun to build this little site for him.

Sam & Mandy Talking Movies

My lady and her friend started a movies podcast, so of course I got roped into being their “tech guy”.

Search the KJV

Here’s a web interface to the tool I wrote to search for terms in the King James Version.