Gigantic was a tiny gallery in NW Portland. We made our big debut the First Thursday of March 2011 and opened a new show every month save Januaries through April 2013. We also hosted an irregular string of concerts that we called the Tiny Concert Series.

Welcome. At Cartes de visite, part deux, our second anniversary show. Jason and Anthony at Claire Dannenbaum's show At Love of Monsters At Ian Seniff's show. At Home on the Page. Brooks Cashbaugh Jade Faist of Jugtown Vinyl At To All Our Future Flames. Cheers! At Of Pints and Men

Running a gallery is a ton of work. Initially this work was split between three of us. Jon Rossitto made our furniture: our desk, wine racks, table, shelves, chairs. Shannon Larson and I split the curatorial work: researching and contacting artists, thinking up shows and organizing them, dealing with the various logistical nightmares of shipping and receiving and sometimes printing art on deadline, arranging and hanging the work, etc. And I was in charge of the web site, designing the flyers, and writing and blasting the press releases.

Flyers for Silver Age We're on top of The Mercury's weekly pick list!

I was also in charge of organizing the Tiny Concerts but mostly credit the idea to Ted Laderas, who mentioned that he was looking to play more alternative venues after his set at the 2012 Big Busk.

Ted Laderas performing our first Tiny Concert. Ruhe performing our third Tiny Concert

And John Carleton photographed nearly all of our events. We should have involved him from the very beginning. He’s excellent.

We’re currently looking for a new space to reopen with a slightly revised program. If you know of any great spots, get in touch.