Seedy Stories

I wrote Seedy Stories in a few days in a coffee shop in Denton, TX. The idea was to make something akin to Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies but more tailored for writers—a prompt or set of constraints aimed at generating ideas.

Seedy Stories screenshot

Clicking the “draw” button draws the number and type of “seeds” specified by the form.

Seedy Stories screenshot Seedy Stories screenshot

The checkbox by each question toggles the visibility of that column.

Seedy Stories screenshot

John McGrath, who made, which has since merged with or been consumed by, wrote a little blog post about it—noting that our designs both used Palatino. And a user named CherryDaiquiri wrote to me and called it “the most non-boring thing on the internet”.

But it’s since fallen into disrepair. I still like the idea. I don’t know. Maybe the next time I find myself in Denton I’ll refresh it, rework the design a little, rebrand it in the fashion of WTFSIMFD.